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Would you like the chance to contribute to one of our great festivals?

Updated 8 March 2024

Brännbollsyran - Bayside Festival Homecoming Festival - Bonfire Festival

Do you want to be a part in the creating of one of Swedens coolest music festivals?

Do you want to se what goes on behind the scenes at one of our festivals? 

Do you want to visit the festival without having to buy a ticket?

The registration for 2024 volunteers is now open! 


Below you´ll find information and application forms for becoming a volunteer at Homerun Festivals festivals, Brännbollsyran in Umeå, Bayside in Helsingborg, Homecoming in Uppsala and Bonfire in Linköping. Select the festival you want to apply for in the form below. At the end of the sight you'll find a Q&A to answer the most common questions about being a volunteer at Homerun Festivals festivals. If you have any further questions about volunteering with us feel free to contact


As volunteer at our festivals you´ll get an exclusive experience of being part of the creation, seeing  what happens behind the scenes and going to the festival with the feeling "I have helped create this"


As a voluter you play an important part before, durring and after our festivals. We´re happy that you want to be a part of this and therefore, in exchange for your work, you'll get:

  • A ticket to the festival (se the options below)

  • An outstanding festival to put on your CV

  • Become a part of our community of people passionated about festivals 

  • Food during your shift 


We need help from you with varied tasks before, during and after the festival. Here follows some examples of what those tasks could be:

Before: putting up insight protections, building the floor, fence construction, cleaning, putting up tables, making coffee etc.  

During: extra hands for the staff, cleaning, staffing different activity stations etc. 

After: rip down the area, cleaning, packing etc.

Night work: assisting the night guard, area surveillance (outside work)


We expect that all volunteers just as other staff shows up to all shifts, dressed for outdoors work, with a good mood and a flexible mindset for the work.  

As a thank you for volunteering with us you'll get a festival ticket, this is how it works: 

1. Work three shifts for a two-day ticket

2. Work two nights for a two-day ticket

3. Work one festival day and go the other one

Apply here!

Submit your application by filling in the form

Do you have any allergies or diet needs?
Mark the boxes that suits you
As a thankyou for your help you´ll get a titcket to the festival, choose the best suited option for you:
What shifts are you available?
What shifts are you available?
What shifts are you available?
What shifts are you available?

Thank you for applying!We'll get back to you within two weeks. Do you have any questions contact

Brännbollsyran - Bayside - Homecoming - Bonfire 


How old do I need to be to work as a volunteer?
You need to be at least 18 years of age to work as a volunteer at any of our festivals.

What qualities does a volunteer need to have?

A volunteer at our festivals is always flexible and helpful. There's no problem we can't solve. As a volunteer you also represent the festival and are a part of our community. Therefore, we see that you, just like the rest of the staff, have a professional, respectful and pleasant attitude towards everyone in the festival area.

What kind of work is there for a volunteer?

The work tasks may vary, some examples of common duties are:                              

Before: setting up privacy protection, floor construction, fence construction and placing tables.

During: cleaning, staffing stations (e.g. silent disco, deposit station, premium toilet) and guarding the entrance. 

After: tear off the area, clean and pack.

When do I receive my work tasks?

Your supervisor will give you tasks when you arrive to your shift. The tasks will vary during your shift depending on the needs for that day.  

What remuneration do I receive for working as a volunteer?
You'll get a festival ticket, what type of ticket depends of the amount of shifts your work. No salary is paid since the work is voluntarily.


When will I receive my compensation?
When you have worked your last shift you will receive an attestation which you will then hand in at the bracelet exchange. This is where you will receive your bracelet to enter the festival. If you have shifts after the festival you'll sign a contract confirming that you'll show up to your shifts and then you'll get your ticket.


What happens if I signed the contract and get sick?

Contact Julia immediately and she will try to find a solution for you where you can work another shift and avoid being liable for repayment.

Is my application contractual?
No, but once you have been accepted and cleared as a volunteer with assigned shifts you are expected to do your job. If you choose to resign, it will affect your chances of working with Homerun Festivals in the future. If you do not attend your assigned shift without notice, you will not receive your compensation. 

When will I hear back regarding my application?
We try to get back to all applicants as soon as possible, but you can expect an answer within two weeks. All successful applicants will be called to a digital meeting ahead of the festival.

What is the digital meeting?
This is an opportunity for all volunteers to meet their peers and supervisors ahead of the festival. Here you can ask questions as well as getting more information about being a volunteer. 

Is it possible for me to work in the same group as one of my friends?
If you and your friends applied for the same shifts we'll try to put you together on the same tasks. We can not guarantee that this will happen but we will try to organise it in everyone's favour.

Will you provide me with clothes and work attire?
All volunteers will be given a hi-vis vest along with gloves. Other work attire is your responsibility - please wear clothing appropriate for outdoor work. 

When do I have to arrive at the area?
You will receive specific times for your shifts including the name of your supervisor. Please arrive 10 minutes before your shift to get registered. 

What will happen if I miss all of my shifts?
Please notify your supervisor if you can't attend. If you don't attend without any notice, this will heavily affect your chances of working as a volunteer with Homerun Festivals in the future.

What happens if I miss some of my shifts?
You will only receive compensation for the shifts you do work. If you do not complete all of your shifts, you won't be compensated. 


Will Homerun Festivals offer volunteers a meal during their shift?
Yes, one meal per shift is included. Your supervisor will provide you with a coupon for you to use with one of our food exhibitors. 

What happens if I would get injured?
Homerun Festival's insurance covers major injuries during working hours. If this happens, a damage report will be made to the Work Environment Agency. Please contact Gustav Pettersson at in case of an accident.


Will I receive an agreement that sets out my rights and obligations?
All volunteers will sign an agreement ahead of the festival. This happens either at the kick-off meeting or at the festival before your first shift.

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