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You are invited to Homerun Friends! This is a personal invitation for heavily discounted tickets. Any tickets awarded cannot be transferred to others.


To submit your application, fill in the form at the bottom of the page and enter your contact person from whom you received the link. If you are allocated a ticket, you can buy a regular Comfort or Premium ticket at a 50% discount on the final price. NOTE this does not apply to Basic tickets.


Payment is made on site when the wristband is handed out at the festival (not at external hand-out points such as Avion). Your name will be written, go to the guest list queue.


The last day for the application is 7 days before the festival, if you are awarded a ticket you will receive an answer within 5 days from the application date.


Thank you for your application

Det går inte längre att skicka in det här formuläret.

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